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The Northman (2022) is an excellent fantasy adventure film set in the height of the Viking age, just after the Great Heathen Army's invasion of the British Isles, and it takes place almost exclusively within the pagan and white realm of the Scandinavian peoples of the time. The main character is a prince whose close relationship to his devout and honorable father, the king of a small realm, drives him towards a grueling and brutal quest for vengeance. The plot is quite simplistic, but it is also not the focus or the purpose of this film, which instead prioritizes historical authenticity and the mythological, cultural, and philosophical side of this character's journey. There's one scene early on in the movie that establishes not only the true motivation behind our protagonist's need for revenge, but also explains a moral and spiritual lesson to the modern audience, in a way that is almost totally unprecedented in film. Although the prince desires vengeance, desires glorious death and ascension to Valhalla, there is something he puts ahead of all of it, which is his legacy and the legacy he inherited from his father, in an unbroken chain going back to the first wild woods-man who gave up his total freedom to enjoin with his Nordic ancestors in civilization. That is, this movie blatantly expresses a racial ethos, which underpins the entire sequence of events that takes place in the film but also posits this racial obligation and kinship as being responsible for the actions of all good and decent men.

If you are a WN, even if you are still caught up in hebrew nonsense, you should see this movie, as it might dispel you of the foolish thoughts you have that prevent you from seeing the world in the way your ancestors did, as a part of the race before all. For those who already have dispensed with the (((__))) delusion, this movie is a massive morale boost and can give you a lot to contemplate about your own spirituality and purpose.

Regardless, The Northman is an entertaining and tightly-crafted film which never once strikes at white people, and in fact only ever shows white people. Such a wholesome, homogeneous ethnic tapestry is extremely refreshing in this era of fervently anti-white negro-worship. Easily the top film of 2022 so far, regardless of the racial aspect, but the racial aspect really cannot be overstated in its delightfulness. Highly recommended, though the film is quite violent and graphic, so perhaps keep young children waiting a bit for it.

May 24th 2022
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