'Risen': Hollywood Gets Jesus Right

FaithMoviesBibleJudaismChristianity The hour is late, and the people are restless. Roman troops strike back against Jewish rebels, using their swords and shields to slaughter angry men with slings and rocks. The Roman Centurion leads his troops to victory, but cannot kill the rumor that there is a king in Israel, mightier than Caesar.Roman Centurion Clavius Aquila Valerius Niger (Joseph Fiennes) is tasked by the Roman governor of Judea, Prefect Pontius Pilate, to deal with the matter of a certain religious leader named Yeshua. The man claimed to be a king—and there is no king but Caesar. The Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin also fear this man, for he claimed to be God—and there is no God but Yahweh.So begins the dramatic tale of a manhunt that altered history. Clavius sees Yeshua...

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Feb 3rd 2016
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