Possibly the greatest work of fiction in the post-war era
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The world of K-On! is a world of peace, uniformity, cleanliness, and order. This may very well be the most boring setting ever devised, and yet the show somehow manages to keep you absorbed into it. The girls? They are cute. The Music? It is fun. The plot? Non-existent, which is exactly what makes the show so unique. It's portrayal of normal life is relatable, realistic, wholesome, and funny; a great show to unwind after a long day. If you are on anti-depressants I suggest throwing those out and watching K-On! instead. (No, this show does not contain any lesbian content, any that existed in the manga was left out of the anime. Aside from a handful of very tame and vaguely sexual jokes, it's perfectly family friendly, in my opinion.)
May 23rd 2022
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