Game of Thrones Finale is For the Memes | We Do Not Kneel
00:49 "... is a positive game of thrones video i am ..."
05:21 "... issue with game of thrones ..."
09:15 "... game of thrones is so much better than ..."
09:55 "... game of thrones has been getting kind of ..."
10:39 "... we will be talking game of thrones all ..."

With all the back and forth with the abysmal Game of Thrones season 8. I would like to shout out what helps me through these hard times. The r/freefolk . They have been an endless source of information and memes for me for years and I just wanted to say thank you. The memes after episode 6 will be a thing of wonder. Come in ready to eat every chicken in the room. We do not kneel.

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May 18th 2019
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