MCU Says Hold My Brie | Star Trek Discovery of Failure | Picard Starts Filming - Nooner #98
09:17 "... and we will get to Star Trek discovery ..."
15:24 "... Star Trek discovery which is just a hot ..."
23:56 "... an excellent Star Trek discovery video ..."
29:08 "... than Star Trek discovery by the way I ..."
29:37 "... Star Trek discovery ..."
31:46 "... editing Star Trek discovery videos while ..."

Today we will discuss Avengers Endgame and that one character so many of us have a problem with. he future of Star Trek Discovery in the future. Picard starts filming today. Who is paying for it and that Game of Thrones Arya scene. That and maybe some comic industry stuff. Will you be my Nooner?

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Apr 22nd 2019
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