Star Trek Discovery Finale Destroys Spock and Canon | Alex Kurtzman is Not Finished
00:08 "... we're talking about star trek discovery ..."
00:10 "... and when it comes to star trek discovery ..."
00:22 "... of season two of star trek discovery ..."
02:07 "... star trek discovery 's second season ..."
11:22 "... and in star trek discovery it's to the ..."

The day after the season finale of Star Trek Discovery the questions remain. After a year of promises that we would see how Michael Burnham and the Discovery fit into canon, or timeline , or whatever you want to call it. We were told we would see why the Burnham Spock relationship was never mentioned. Did this happen? No, actually more damage was done. Alex Kurtzman give an interview with the Hollywood Reporter we I go over where we see he has only just begun destroying Star Trek.

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Apr 19th 2019
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