House of Tolerance, 2011 - ★★

I want a macaroon.

An otherwise sprawling yet inward look at the life of prostitutes during the turn of the 20th century Paris. L’Appolllonide is dreary and meandering for most of its runtime, bordering a weird crossroads of parity when the prostitutes themselves are bored and zapped out of their minds (who can blame them per the lifestyle). Hence when the aforementioned quote came along I nearly burst out laughing, when I know it wasn’t meant to be funny at all. Strange.

My other note is along the lines of Philosophy 101. My professor once gave us the lesson on “f**k” and all its denominations, like how we as a society use the same word to mean ill-will towards someone but also implement it as a denouement of love. So when one of the prostitutes mutters “F*****g is a fucked...

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May 22nd 2022
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