Here’s What (Almost) Saves ‘Jaws The Revenge’

The fourth and famously awful “Jaws The Revenge” (1987) turns 35 this summer, and it often comes up as one of the worst sequels ever made.

It’s actually slightly better than its atrocious reputation, offers oodles of entertainment value and even has some touches that were ahead of its time. It’s also a movie where a visibly mechanical shark roars before it attacks.

Bad Movie Aficionados, apply your sunblock, adjust your Ray Bans and watch the seas closely.

“Jaws The Revenge” begins with Shark Vision, as we have POV shots of Amity Island from both the bottom of the ocean and via an impossible vantage point.The creature would have to be standing straight up to have that perspective.

It’s not the first time the movie defies logic to absurd (and hilarious) degrees.


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May 21st 2022
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