Friday the 13th: Jason goes to Hell 25th Anniversary Interview with Writer and Director Adam Marcus
00:09 "... from 1980 to 1989 8:00 Friday the 13th ..."
00:21 "... Friday the 13th franchise and Freddy ..."
01:02 "... it in our video on the Friday the 13th ..."
04:09 "... the subject of Friday the 13th and Jason ..."
05:42 "... make Friday the 13th and then went on to ..."
16:40 "... created Friday the 13th and the house ..."
43:55 "... in a Friday the 13th community well ..."
54:47 "... one goes no one goes to Friday the 13th ..."

“Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday”, was the first Friday the 13th movie to be made under New Line Cinema, and the first movie since the second in the franchise to be produced by Sean S. Cunningham. Cunningham tapped Adam Marcus to helm it, and at 23, he was the youngest director ever hired by a major studio to write and direct a major feature film.

In this 25th anniversary interview, Tom Connors will talk the movies writer and director Adam Marcus about his career, how he landed the job of directing a Friday the 13th movie at just 23, what really transpired behind the scenes, why certain creative choices were made and who made them, as well as how the movie was received and is remembered.

Friday the 13th rights situation:

Previous interview with “Friday the 13th Part IV: Jason Lives” director Tom McLoughlin:

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