Doctor Who Season 12 Rumor | The Shaming of David Tennant
00:31 "... Doctor Who production and what they have ..."
01:24 "... Doctor Who production please get in ..."
03:11 "... brilliant people who wrote Doctor Who in ..."
03:29 "... have loved Doctor Who all these decades ..."
04:00 "... guts out you're not a Doctor Who fan one ..."
07:34 "... disgraceful state of Doctor Who things ..."

Doctor Who Season 12 is going to be vastly worse than Season 11 according to rumors from a source with direct knowledge of the production. You won't believe what Jodie Whittaker is going to do to David Tennant, as well as all the male doctors of the past, in an upcoming crossover special. If this doesn't get our blood boiling, you're not a Doctor Who fan. #doctorwho #doctorwhoseason12 #doctorwhorumor

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Oct 30th 2019
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