Doctor Who Used to Be For Everyone | Latest Franchise Sacrificed to A Cause
01:55 "... Doctor Who star Alex Kingston has ..."
03:18 "... like Doctor Who I would love to see a ..."
03:49 "... Doctor Who casting Time Lords clash over ..."
05:07 "... Doctor Who and worried about the legacy ..."
05:12 "... relies on some Doctor Who income whether ..."
05:52 "... fanbase dying Doctor Who dying it's just ..."
06:02 "... they brought Doctor Who back it was a ..."
07:43 "... Doctor Who and its fans did too he added ..."

This is a video I should have made a long time ago. Doctor Who no longer is a show for everyone. Alex Kingston and Peter Davidson both spoke out about their reservations of the 1st female doctor. Both backtracked of course or they would find themselves sacrificed to the intolerant politically correct crowd. This video simply states it is okay to be critical of the female Doctor for whatever reason. What one thinks of the gender of a main character of a fictional TV show doesn't define you. This show has sacrificed a large portion of its audience to the Gods of the cause.

Proper Review
Mar 14th 2019
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