NO Henry Cavill Man Of Steel 2 Solo Film For 5 or 6 Years?! | DCEU Ray Fisher Joss Whedon DCEU News
09:37 "... will not be man of steel because he has ..."
09:50 "... of hiatus or him being man of steel ..."
10:34 "... got the man of steel roll they had their ..."

As big as the DC Rebirth and the DC Multiverse is getting the DC Universe is still have movie delays, which means even though Henry Cavill will still be in these movies and in the Zack Snyder The Snyder Cut movie, we will won't get his solo movie for some time now. Some out there was speculating that the new Man of Steel movie would be called Man of Tomorrow, whatever the name is we wont get it anytime soon. DC Movie News.

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Oct 16th 2020
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