Comic Book Retrospective: The Incredible Hulk #297-#300

Wes is joined by award-winning comic book editor Joe Corallo and comic super-fan Eric Breen to discuss one of the underrated comic runs of all-times, Bill Mantlo’s The Incredible Hulk. Leading up to milestone issue 300 Bill Mantlo is sowing the seeds for a major change for the character. Hulk is becoming more dominant and savage as Bruce Banner is losing control to his alter ego. Villain Nightmare returns as the force driving Hulk mad in the pursuit of vengeance against, bot Bruce Banner, but the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange. Hulk leaves a path of destruction in his wake before arriving in New York. It’s all hands on deck as New York’s finest heroes including Spider-Man, Daredevil, Luke Cage and more arrive to stop the Green Goliath. It’s go-time when the Avengers arrive and Thor himself can barely control Hulk before Dr. Strange realizes there’s only one way to save New York.

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Aug 29th 2021
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