Your Kids' Health, or Lefty Agenda? New York Times Says Boys Eat Too Much Protein

Lifestyle The New York Times has a vested interest in maintaining the narrative -- not just in politics and popular culture, but in the current medical dogma as well. The Received Wisdom must be defended, even if it’s plainly wrong.The latest wrong thing: the poisonous nature of dietary protein.In a piece entitled “The Always Hungry Teenage Boy,” Perri Klass, MD reminds us that teenage boys have a big appetite during their “growth spurt,” but that they’re eating the wrong stuff. Protein is bad, and the little snots are just gobbling it up.Citing the new USDA guidelines -- the government’s suggested dietary standards that still recommend a diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates -- the following gem was included:Some individuals, especially teen...

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Mar 10th 2016
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