Early Access Galore | Subnautica: Below Zero (Three)

This is my stream archive channel. Here's part one of this thing I guess you could technically call a series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb_Zf_acllo&t=118s

hey everyone what's going on there's no one here yet so I guess I'll just talk to myself for a while until people show up is it life it's always this this moment of has anyone noticed this dream yet yes we are live hello Eric hi James hi Zen Complex what's going on guys we're playing lost have Nautica below zero because I wanted to play this game and I was like I wasn't a streaming that and I am streaming that so I started a stream because I'm like hey I can I can do streams and that's the thing that I can do you know what while we're what we're here I'm just going to point out a pet peeve of mine and that's when you...

May 10th 2019
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