Star Wars The Force Awakens review: Spoilers and non-spoilers

Andrรฉ has already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and gives you his perspecitive, which is not tinted by fanboy goggles. Spoilers are clearly marked and only appear in the last section of the video.

on the eighteenth of December 2015 the highly anticipated Star Wars Episode seven the force awakens will have opened worldwide it opened earlier some places than others though so having already seen it I will give my review already today on December 16 before the review I'll relay my own history would star wars so you know where I'm coming from then give my spoiler free impression of the force awakens and finally a spoiler filled with you to help those who want to either avoid spoilers or jump right to them for that matter this video will be highly compartmentalized the bottom...

Dec 16th 2015
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