The Batman! Better than Bale but is it the Best Batman?
00:17 "... the much hyped the batman is here and ..."
01:26 "... i had to find out where does the batman ..."
03:28 "... both blade runner and the batman lean ..."
09:00 "... different enough to the batman but i ..."
16:04 "... so is the batman the best live-action ..."
16:27 "... performance as the batman is not aging ..."
16:47 "... the batman is my favorite batman film ..."

The Batman film really surprised me but is it deserving of all the hype? And why are people so concerned with the cast and that one dreaded line of dialogue? Let’s talk about Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz and how Christian Bale’s performance is not aging well.

The Batman Spoiler Review!

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Mar 24th 2022
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