Star Trek Picard News: Rumors of Past Troubles and Ongoing Woes!
00:59 "... Star Trek Picard has clearly been a ..."
01:19 "... tried to call it Star Trek Picard as a ..."
01:50 "... Star Trek Picard that's right kids ..."
03:15 "... Star Trek Picard was delayed a full ..."
07:21 "... cuts which is why the Star Trek Picard ..."

Star Trek Picard is a troubled series, both conceptually and financially. In this video I discuss its rocky production history thus far, evaluate what I’m seeing, and report some rumors of budgetary and production difficulties provided to me by my source. One thing however is perfectly clear: Kurtzman is the "genius" behind Star Trek Picard, and that should tell every Star Trek fan all they need to know, regardless of whether the rumors of Picard being half-Borg are true. (NOTE: This video contains rumors and speculation based on the limited amount of publicly available information and on information relayed to me by my source, and though I have done my best to verify the information I'm presenting, I must present it as rumor.) #startrekpicard #picard #STP

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May 30th 2019
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