Star Trek Discovery News Update: Chaos Rumored as Picard Filming Delayed

Star Trek: Picard appears to be paralyzed due to the dispute between CBS and licensees as reported by Midnight's Edge earlier in the month. According to my source (and this information must be treated as rumor until it can be verified through another source) shooting on the Picard production was supposed to begin Monday, and has been pushed back to an unspecified date according to my sources and reporting on Trekcore. What does this mean for the future of Picard and Star Trek Discovery if the licensees refuse to license anything associated with these productions? Will CBS be forced to give fans what fans wanted all along: actual Star Trek? In this video, I report the latest rumors provided to me by my source, information allegedly leaked from inside CBS. #picard #startrekdiscovery #cbs...

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Apr 16th 2019
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