Doctor Who Is Broken 'This Isn’t a Show Exclusively for Progressive Liberals'" said Steven Moffat
00:07 "... sent me a very interesting Doctor Who ..."
01:48 "... long-serving Doctor Who showrunner ..."
03:33 "... treated this like Doctor Who my politics ..."
04:29 "... Doctor Who I'm really not sure how much ..."
07:11 "... could have done with Doctor Who they go ..."

Whole The BBC, The Access Media, Chris Chibnall, some fans, and a couple of small YouTubers tell us that everything is brilliant with Doctor Who. The remaining fans, that number gets smaller every day, know otherwise. Putting anything ahead of creative decisions brings mediocrity or worse. Putting agenda ahead of storytelling brings pure cringe. The BBC and Co knew they would divide the fans, and didn't care.They should be happy some still do, because what follows is apathy. No BBC. You can't chose your fans.

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Feb 7th 2019
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