Star Trek Discovery 96% Rotten Tomatoes Critics Score for Brother | Let the Access Media Games Begin
00:25 "... one for Star Trek discovery it just ..."
02:17 "... Star Trek discovery destroys the ..."
02:45 "... I knew Star Trek discovery was the most ..."
02:53 "... Star Trek discovery murdered a guy mid ..."
03:15 "... Star Trek discovery season 2 from the ..."
04:30 "... season 2 of Star Trek Discovery well ..."
05:08 "... Star Trek discovery season two premiere ..."

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 1 "Brother" premiered on CBS all access recently and the Access Media was way ahead of the game on this one and Rotten Tomatoes is here to help. 27 Reviews total counted for the episode of Brother at time of posting. Is RT counting reviews that aren't really reviews? You don't say. Plus, I mix in some of those real folks that many in the access realm call bots. Than give me a bot any day. Will the media be different this time from tSeason 1 and season 11 of Doctor Who.

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Jan 20th 2019
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