Star Trek Discovery Vs The Orville | Doctor Who Budget Problems and News - Friday Night Tights #27
27:12 "... I hope Star Trek discovery crushes your ..."
01:09:40 "... only interest in Star Trek Discovery is ..."
01:10:14 "... the Star Trek discovery approach in like ..."
01:10:25 "... about Star Trek discovery is its yeah I ..."
02:06:34 "... Hasbro in 2017 but negotiations collapse ..."
02:14:35 "... Orville and Star Trek discovery on the ..."
02:15:21 "... Star Trek Discovery recap it was it was ..."

Welcome to Friday Night Tights! Join us as we discuss Star Trek Discovery vs. The Orville. Can on live without the other. What if they both fail? The Orville ratings concern. Also, and INSANE Star Trek rumor, Lionsgate selling, Captain Marvel the Doctor Who of the MCU, Star Trek 4 cancelled and so much more with Susan Leighton from

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Jan 12th 2019
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