Doctor Who Resolution Review | A Dalek and A Bad Dad
00:08 "... Doctor Who season 11 is over we can put ..."
00:15 "... worst season of Doctor Who ever and did ..."
04:17 "... by any doctor in any Doctor Who episode ..."
07:37 "... Doctor Who but this stuff I think is the ..."
07:39 "... most fundamental Doctor Who and look at ..."
09:27 "... biggest problem with Doctor Who even ..."

Doctor Who New Years Special "Resolution" Review - Here is the promised short review/recap for those of you who did not want to sit through the long live streams. Be warned..not a fan of Season 11 or Jodie Whittaker at all. If you are interested in those they are here for the UK reaction:

Proper Review
Jan 2nd 2019
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