Marvel May Solicits: Get Your Wallets Ready for Heroes Reborn
00:40 "... heroes reborn to be the avengers comics ..."
01:45 "... you're gonna have to go to heroes reborn ..."
21:18 "... i will check out heroes reborn ..."
21:33 "... be in heroes reborn ..."

Upcoming Marvel Comics May 2021 revealed: Heroes Reborn launches

'Heroes Reborn' is the big new launch of May, Doctor Doom has found someone to marry him, Boba Fett is coming to Marvel Comics, Shang-Chi gets a new ongoing series, the X-Men go corporate, and Marvel introduces the first Hulk ever (sidestepping Bruce Banner by about 10,000 years), plus much more is coming in May, 

Marvel is putting a DC Comics-ish spin on the original 1996 Heroes Reborn. But it's the '96 event in name only. The 2021 version is more like 'Heroes Unborn' - i.e. in this alternate reality the Avengers never formed and were more or less replaced by the Squadron Supreme. 

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Feb 20th 2021
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