Resident Evil Zero retrospective (2002)

In part 6 of my Resident Evil retrospective, we'll take a look at Resident Evil Zero for the Nintendo Gamecube.

hello and welcome back to part 6 of my Resident Evil retrospective series today we're going to be looking at Resident Evil 0 a prequel to the original game focusing on the exploits of the ill-fated stars Bravo Team as I mentioned in my previous video Capcom released two Resident Evil titles for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 the first was a remake of the original featuring improved graphics new locations and enemies and expanded gameplay mechanics the second was Resident Evil 0 which was set just one day before the events of the first game because the two games were released in the same year used the same game engine and revolved around similar events it would be...

Aug 1st 2018
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