Police Story, 1985 - ★★★★★

Hi… Hello. It’s me again. What’s this? Another Jackie flick, I know. The fifth review of this excellent film. About a month ago my fingers tapped away at thoughts on Jackie’s 2001 feature, The Accidental Spy, and the first sentence of that review remains true, and probably more so currently… 

To the best of my knowledge, it seems to me that my synapses have now exhausted their roles of allowing neuron traversal so as for me to truly grasp at the right diction and the right context when writing about Jackie Chan.

It’s exhausting. It’s tiresome to conjure up new ideas about what to say regarding one of my favorite stars of the silver screen ever (despite the recent bowing down to China, and all that crap — personally believe that’s due to protecting his interests and his...

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May 16th 2022
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