Emotional Contagion & Late Night Lies
04:19 "... late-night comedy well again late night ..."
04:34 "... have seen late night supposedly comedic ..."
06:17 "... other hand late-night shows have not ..."
06:28 "... orientation of these late-night ..."
06:56 "... late-night supposed comedians in an ..."
09:47 "... on late-night so-called comedian and ..."
25:09 "... these late-night comedians bringing ..."
38:21 "... ideology in response to late-night ..."
39:09 "... off from these late-night pundits ..."
41:21 "... massive politicization of late-night ..."

Have you noticed late night television that's supposed to amuse and entertain recently hasn't been so, well, entertaining? Why is the former host of the Man Show now running an emotion-fueld Estrogen Hour? How come politics have seemingly taken the place of jokes in my previously favorite programs? Well, I think I have an answer: because given the current political climate, these shows are no longer designed to make you laugh, they're designed to make you feel, and they make you feel through a process of emotional contagion designed to affect your attitudes toward a topic with a given agenda.

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Oct 14th 2017
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