'The Hollywood Reporter' Brags About 'Painfully Awkward' Interview With Jerry Lewis

LifestyleComedy It's not so much the unimaginative and high-school-level questions that reporter Andy Lewis shuffled at Jerry Lewis that were the problem. It's the fact that The Hollywood Reporter is taking some sort of gotcha glee in the whole fiasco that takes their reporter's disrespect to the next level. Or, rather, it would've been a fiasco if it weren't for Jerry Lewis' genius ability on display while flipping the interview on its dull head and turning it into a brilliant performance piece. Andy Lewis and The Hollywood Reporter's response proves that Jerry Lewis' comedy sailed completely over their heads, though.The Hollywood Reporter's accompanying article brags about having hosted one of 2016's most "painfully awkward" interviews. Placing the blame on...

Dec 20th 2016
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