Mjolnir at the Movies Episode 21: The Black Hole (Parental Guidance)
55:58 "... anywhere between and 1800 years yeah ..."

Back in the days when Disney was still something resembling the company Walt and Roy Disney had founded, the studio embarked upon an ambitious sci-fi project that would cost the princely sum of $20 million two years after and $9 million more than Star Wars. Yet whereas Star Wars became a box office smash and had enormously significant cultural impact, The Black Hole was a much more modest success and was sucked down into a vortex of time and space to the point where few people now remember it. Was the problem the fact that the screenwriters decided that putting Spenglerian philosophy and elements of Gothic horror into the script was a good idea in a kids' film? Find out in this week's instalment of Mjolnir at the Movies.

Proper Review
May 9th 2019
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