Netflix Cowboy Bebop reviews are BRUTAL! First reactions EXPOSE it as cheap low budget snooze fest!
00:10 "... netflix cowboy bebop s release ..."
03:11 "... live-action cowboy bebop isn't trying to ..."
04:18 "... netflix's cowboy bebop sadly doesn't jam ..."
04:44 "... netflix's cowboy bebop is stylistically ..."
05:16 "... been a cowboy bebop super fan since the ..."
05:35 "... enjoy cowboy bebop i'm reading if you're ..."

Netflix is desperate to make their mark on the anime community! From One Piece to Death Note, they have grabbed the rights to several Japanese anime franchises. Now the Netflix Cowboy Bebop release is right around the corner, and reviews are dropping. Let's take a look at what they say.

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Nov 13th 2021
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