Netflix Cowboy Bebop WONT Be a Faithful Remake?! They're Taking LIBERTIES!
00:11 "... for netflix's live action cowboy bebop ..."
01:46 "... live-action cowboy bebop to be a ..."
02:48 "... cho star of the live action cowboy bebop ..."
03:13 "... action cowboy bebop wasn't going to be a ..."
03:33 "... cowboy bebop because it would cost too ..."
06:48 "... you it's not it's it's cowboy bebop ..."
06:52 "... it's another show with cowboy bebop ..."

Netflix Cowboy Bebop sounds more and more like it'll be Cowboy Bebop in name only. According to a recent interview, star John Cho (Spike) said they're taking liberties, and it won't be a shot-for-shot remake. In fact, he said he wouldn't do the series if it was.

So just HOW different are we talking about here, and will Cowboy Bebop fans take it or reject it?

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Aug 31st 2021
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