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Finally got around to watching this classic. It aged very well and there are countless iconic scenes throughout. The acting and pacing was on point. The minimalist soundtrack that utilized the archaic synthesizers of its time was kino as well. I was genuinely spooked and anxious and immersed in the plot. Which is near impossible for movies from so long ago due to their outdated special effects and cheesy edits.

But I guess, it still had me on the edge of my seat because movies back then, albeit still aimed at a mass market, weren't dumbed down as bad as the ones we have now. Main characters can die and there might not be a happy ending dictated by the focus groups. Plus, the plot is very reminiscent of the "mind virus" issues we face today so it hit close to home. The midwit scientism™ worship from the labcoats in denial couldn't have been more relatable to a 2022 audience if they tried. There were even forced jabs in a scene making this the Coronavirus film you want but will never get from Hollywood.

Highly recommend it. Not overrated and very understandable why it's seen as mandatory viewing for film buffs.

Just head the warning: sometimes you must hide your power level to get by, but staying silent for too long for fear of looking like a kook could be our downfall.

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May 15th 2022
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