King of the Circus, 1924 - ★★★½

KING OF THE CIRCUS (Edouard-Emile Violet / Max Linder, France, 1924, 7)

Literally a Frankenstein movie, and it visually showed (even a normie could see some of the source material / quality changes) but this is at least a coherent featurette. 

Persona is very like Charlie Chaplin (Linder was one of the few influences Chaplin ever personally credited) and it’s obvious why Essanay signed him up to replace Chaplin when the Tramp left, but with one big difference — Charlie was (almost always) a prole while Max was (almost always) an aristocrat. Max’s persona gets summed up very early as his drunlen aristocrat threatens his butler with a gun, gets what he wants, then casually tosses the gun aside without a care. He improvises a costume from a sequence of thefts in a hotel, buys off a...

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May 8th 2022
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