A Trip to Mars, 1918 - ★★½

A TRIP TO MARS (Holger-Madsen, Denmark, 1918, 5)

Scandinavian utopian community with lots of flowers … what could go wrong?

A TRIP TO MARS is only a little more cinematically sophisticated than Melies’ similarly titled canon film from a decade and a half earlier, though the overheard aerial shots are impressive for the era. There’s just far too many title cards regurgitating dialogue (I wish this film could’ve loanded out a few to SYLVESTER.)

Narratively, it has about as much to do with space travel as ELECTRA-WOMAN AND DYNAGIRL with policing (I was genuinely asking myself, “how much WAS known about the physics of space travel in 1918?”). But such sillinesses as the spaceship being basically a blimp built from wood in a workshop actually work for the film given how equally...

May 9th 2022
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