The Street of Forgotten Men, 1925 - ★★★

THE STREET OF FORGOTTEN MEN (Herbert Brenon, USA, 1925, 6)

A really odd but oddly-intriguing movie … “STELLA DALLAS, but what if a man?” The final scene and shot are even identical to the [later] Stanwyck film (there is an earlier silent version which I don’t remember as wel).

All sorts of narrative plausability holes (going blind from a fist fight) and the lead actor Percy Marmont looked more like Eric Idle than is wise for a melodrama. But the prole environment is presneted without apology and is constantly teeming with details, the charm of the conman is there, the upper-class are approriately bland for the contrast without becoming twits, and (in a theme I’ve seen several times here) honor is a theme without class, indeed even contrary to economic status.

Could’ve done...

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May 11th 2022
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