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THE DIVINE VOYAGE (Julien Duvivier, France, 1929, 6)

Spent some time with a friend of a friend the night before, during which he disparaged a film as the worst film ever because (among other reasons) it was “a Christian allegory” [/SpittingContempt]. I wasn’t remotely perturbed (I’ve acquired passive natural immunity), but I was amused the next day thinking of (and seeing) this person sitting through this movie, which isn’t even an allegory. Duvivier just made a straight-up Marian prayer account.

Set in a French fishing village in what looks to be the 19th century, an unseaworthy boat goes missing and then the town’s prettiest and richest girl starts repairing a Stella Maris fresco in the church and prays. Our Lady appears to her from the...

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May 12th 2022
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