Dr. Larry Arnn On Washington's First Inaugural Address And First State Of The Union Speeches

HH: It is the last radio hour of the week. That means it’s time for the Hillsdale Dialogue. I end most weeks with a conversation with Dr. Larry Arnn, the president of Hillsdale Collge, or one of many of his colleagues at the Hillsdale College, or perhaps many of them at one time. This week, it’s just Dr. Arnn as we are completing the second week of a two week investigation into the principles and the character of the American Republic when it was founded, the principles on which it was founded, the character of the people who founded it. Dr. Arnn, how are you, good to have you back. LA: Very well, How are you, Hugh? HH: I’m good. Before we go there, Chuck Todd was on with me last hour, and I played for him an excerpt of an interview that I had with Vice President Cheney...

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Apr 10th 2015
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