Memo to The New York Times: Fire Roger Cohen!

Ron Radosh A week ago, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen wrote a now much discussed column about Iran's Jews. The gist of his argument was that Iran's Jews live in a good place, evidently without fear. The 25,000 still in Iran, he wrote, worship in over a dozen synagogues and make up the largest Jewish community in the Muslim Middle East. True, before the Iranian revolution their community was some 1000,000, but far less left Iran than other Arab communities when Israel was created. "The Arab Jews has perished," he writes. "The Persian Jew has fared better."What about the Israel bashing, so famous from the endless anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial of President Ahmadinejad?  As Cohen sees it, one has to ask what is more significant; the ranting or that the Iranian Jews live in "relative...

Proper Review
Mar 2nd 2009
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