Happy Birthday, Pete! My Final Words on Seeger

Ron Radosh "I'm sure there are more constructive things he could do with his life." So said Pete Seeger, who was criticizing me for making a career out of "exposing the crimes of Soviet communism."  Even if it was so- and it isn't-  I would respond that it's far better to have engaged in that effort than for more than fifty years serving as an apologist for one of the most criminal regimes in the 20th Century. Evidently, by Seeger's logic, I am the one who should apologize, while he is given a green light to simply brush his own amnesia off.So on one day before his 90th birthday- and the gala bash which PBS has announced they will film for broadcast- I am presenting to PJM readers an assortment of my own past comments on Pete, so you can read them on your own.First, the article...

Proper Review
May 2nd 2009
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