Best Movies Streaming for Families in May 2022

May is a big month for pop culture fans. For instance, did you know that May the 4th is a celebrated day for Star Wars fans? Yep! Say it out loud and you’ll understand why. And here’s a fun fact: blue jeans were officially invented in May of 1873.

Sorry, there’s not a single Star Wars or blue jeans movie on the list of streaming newbies this month. What we do have is a nice little hodgepodge of pics that’ll satisfy just about everybody in your family who’s looking for a couple hours of entertainment. So, slip into some comfy jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt and enjoy.


Forrest Gump (PG-13, 1994): It’s the story of a child-like and slow-witted guy named Forrest who impacts the world around him in incredible ways. But one person Forrest cares about the...

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May 3rd 2022
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