Why I’m Looking Forward to ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

Confessions of a Critic

Watching the news roll in from CinemaCon—the annual confab hosted by the National Association of Theatre Owners where studios present their lineups and give sneak peeks at coming attractions—has been fairly heartening. The recommitment to theatrical! Early reviews of the new Top Gun! The snickering schadenfreude at Netflix’s downfall! It’s all quite delightful, and you should listen to my interview with David Herrin of The Quorum for more on that front.

But can I … confess something to you?

A deep, dark secret?

The movie I’m most looking forward to is … well. I’ll just say it. Avatar 2.

I’m sorry, Avatar: The Way of Water. That’s right: despite being an avowed Avatar skeptic—impressed by the...

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Apr 29th 2022
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