Those Nefarious Red State Saboteurs Are Everywhere!

Ed Driscoll Back in April, the legendary Bard of Des Moines featured the shooting script for "Red Scare", a proposed (fictitious and satiric) documentary featuring Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. It began:Red ScareFILM PROJECTORthlthlthlthlthlthlthlthlthlthlthlthlROLL TITLES"It Could Happen Here!"A PRESENTATION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITYJANET NAPOLITANO, DIRECTORIN CONJUNCTION WITH THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONTHE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEAND THE HOUSE ANTI-TAX ACTIVITIES COMMITTEEAN IOWAHAWK EDUCATIONAL FILMS PRODUCTIONSCROLLmarch musicThe story you are about to see is true. Or, at least, could be true. At this very moment dangerous subversive extremist elements are infiltrating our communities and schools, bent on destroying our American Way of Life. These...

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Oct 23rd 2009
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