Howard Mortman on the future of new media

HH: Joined now by my fellow media fellow, Howard Mortman, of Extreme Mortman fame,, producer in the old days for Chris Matthews on Hardball, and general man about media town. Howard, good to have you on campus. How did you enjoy your week as a media fellow? HM: Well, my fellow fellow, I had a great time. Hoover runs such a great program here, and I can’t say enough great things. The weather, for the most part, has been wonderful, the palm trees, and now I have to go back to D.C., early flight tomorrow. So it’s good to be, I’m going to be kind of sad to be leaving here next week. HH: A shot, give people the brief bio, Howard, how you ended up being Extreme Mortman, and your plunge into new media from old media. HM: Oh, thank you, Hugh. I used to...

Proper Review
May 17th 2008
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