How ‘Morbius’ Misses the MCU Mark (By a Country Mile)

“Morbius” and the “Venom” franchise have something in common, and it’s far from flattering.

Both Sony properties would be better received in the ’90s, long before the MCU revolution supercharged expectations for comic book fare.

“Morbius” has an advantage over its studio peer.

The anti-hero caper doesn’t wallow in the cheap yuks of that Eddie Brock/Symbiote bromance. That’s the best that can be said for “Morbius,” though. It’s poorly realized and misses the source material’s ripe potential. 

Jared Leto lends his considerable talents to the tale of Dr. Michael Morbius, first introduced in 1971 via the “Amazing Spider-Man” no. 101. The good doctor suffers from an incurable...

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Mar 31st 2022
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