Turning Red, 2022 - ★ (contains spoilers)

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Turning Red or The Case Against Asian Moms

This had to be one of the most thematically confused films I've seen in a while. Also, the animation tries to go for somewhere between anime and what Pixar has been doing recently but it just looks like that one Grubhub ad. The characters are mostly one-note and generally pretty annoying, but at least the movie feels just as cookie cutter as every other modern Disney release.

I love how at the end, the film celebrates Mei's family's temple being turned into a commercialized tourist attraction!


Ok, so let me get this straight - the red panda is set up as a metaphor for puberty/menstruation/womanhood. So, Mei makes money by allowing people to take pictures of her as the panda and then does...

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Mar 19th 2022
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