Awesome Show. Later seasons go bad.
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You've all heard it. Game of Thrones is awesome. Sick action. Amazing dialogue. Incredible plot. [And the fact that any characters can die, which takes first-time viewers off guard, feels startlingly original.] What's important to know is the quality of the seasons, which you will sense yourself. Season 1 is really good - a little bit slow, and takes a couple episodes to hook you, but great nonetheless. Season 2 is the best season and just all around spectacular. Season 3 almost as good. Season 4 is where the show starts to show cracks as begins to gets away from the source material. Season 5 is still passable, and season 6 is where things really start going off the rail. Wokeness starts to invade at the same time other issues are popping up. Season 4 is released around 2014, and the show starts adding in non-white characters nonsensically. By season 6, they start dialing the feminism up too. Honestly, watch season 7 (the last season) at your own risk. The writing is so bad, the plots so ridiculous, the wokeness so thorough, that one wishes to convince oneself that the season is not even canon. By the 7th season, the two greatest fighters in the GOT universe are women (one of whom is like 15 years old and 90 pounds). Gender relations seem to have miraculously progressed from the middle ages to about 2016. [The women, in the final battle, are allowed to fight on the front lines because "we need every person we can get".] And both the decisions by the characters, the dialogue, the plot points, and the pacing are all horrendous. Famously, there is a starbucks cup in one of the later scenes, and the final battle's lighting is so poor that I literally had to install a screen brightener just to see what was happening. Still, this is one of the greatest shows of all time and a stunning achievement for the creators. Enjoy.
Mar 19th 2022
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