The War on Truckers

The Archetype of the hard-working, dissident Trucker is Making a Comeback The Snowman: “What the hell do we wanna go to Texas for and haul beer back here?”

The Bandit: “For the good old American life; for the money, for the glory, and for the fun.”

— Smokey and The Bandit, 1977

In December of 1973, when the US was gripped by the OPEC energy crisis, fuel rationing and national speed limits — amongst other limitations and deprivations — were foisted upon the American people. A trucker from Kansas named J.W. Edwards had had enough — he parked his rig on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, called out to his fellow truckers on the CB radio and began a strike that lasted several months, thus capturing the imagination of the country.

The 1970s were a different...

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Feb 18th 2022
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