Chrissie Mayr Explains the G4 Debacle & Her Impression of Frosk on Friday Night Tights! FNT!

She also goes over how she did an impression of the gaming show host on Friday Night Tights!

Chrissie Mayr is a New York City based Stand Up Comedian and Podcast host who has been featured on NBC's America's Got Talent, FOX's Laughs, Punchline, The Wendy Williams Show, and REELZ Network. She has appeared on Tim Pool's TimCast IRL, The Megyn Kelly Show, Kill Tony, THe Chip Chipperson Podcast, Bennington Show, Calta and Kelly, Robert Kelly's You Know What Dude, The Anthony Cumia Show, Legion of Skanks, Luis J Gomez' Real Ass Podcast, Nerdrotic & Geeks and Gamers' Friday Night Tights, Krystyna Hutchinson & Corinne Fisher's "Guys We Fucked",

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Jan 19th 2022
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