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Overall while its political message can be both hamfisted and incoherent I would say Snowpiercer is a good show and worth watching. It is in a lot of ways evidence of how the left doesn't understand how right winged people think particularly in the post-Trump era. The things that this show criticizes seemingly on the grounds that they are right winged such as corporate greed, the destruction of the environment, economic globalism and a strict adherence to class structure are all things that have long since stopped being cornerstones of Conservatism outside of a couple Neo-Con publications. Being something of an integralist myself I tend towards the opinion that while differences between people in terms of wealth and talent are natural and desirable society exists for the common betterment of the group that composes it and the oppression of  workers by the super rich goes against both my political and religious views. Aside from that its overall a pretty well written show that high production values and interesting characters especially Sean Beans Wilford.
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Feb 17th 2022
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