CMP 309 - Doug Stanhope - Fights, Fans, Friendship with Johnny Depp, Girls Gone Wild, Skankfest
01:04:53 "... use the girls gone wild credit you like ..."
01:05:17 "... hate when people mention girls gone wild ..."
01:06:16 "... the man show and girls gone wild i'm ..."

Comedian Doug Stanhope joins Chrissie Mayr to talk about their gig at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT, the fight that broke out at the show and the detailed email that a fan sent Doug, fans who cross boundaries, how did he become friends with Johnny Depp, what it was like not performing for 18 months, why he hates Girls Gone Wild, has he ever faced backlash over a joke, why he's looking forward to Skankfest and more!

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Oct 8th 2021
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